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Lectures at the world congress

This list is subject to change

lectures confirmed to date

All lectures during the World Congress will be delivered at the Jewish Museum-FIU, 301 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida.

All lectures will be accompanied by a PowerPoint or similar visual illustrations. A 5 minute Q&A session will follow most lectures.


Jacqueline Goldstein, "Perseverance and Preservation: 301 Washington Avenue" (Jewish Museum)

Allan Shulman, FAIA, "Tropical Stucco: Miami's Art Deco and its Architects"

Norman M. Giller, FAIA, "Designing the Good Life - Norman M. Giller, FAIA, and the Development of Miami Modernism (MiMo)"

Panel (Atul Kumar, Pascal Yves Laurent, Sharon Koskoff, Jack Johnson), "Strategies for creating and sustaining Art Deco Societies"

Andrew Capitman, "Barbara Baer Capitman, the Early Years of Art Deco Preservation"

Steve Knight, "Re-Discovering an Art Deco Master: Edgard Sforzina"

Jennifer Wong, "The Father of Chinese Art Deco Architecture"

Jan M. Lorys, "Art Deco Advances in Poland"

Pepe Menendez, "Garcia Cabrera and Havana Deco"

Deborah Desilets, "Morris Lapidus' Architectural Contribution to Miami Beach"

Silvia Barisione, "The Art Deco of Our Time: A Constant Aesthetic"

Adriana Elvira Piastrellini, "The Art of the Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires"

Dr. Terryl Lawrence, "Tamara de Lempicka"

Deborah Desilets, "Learning from the Masters in our Midst"

Atul Kumar, "Swastik Court: Lessons from the Repair and Restoration of an Art Deco building in Mumbai"

Fabio Grementieri, "Salamone Landmarks: Get Down to Work"

Therese Poletti, "Preserving Art Deco Era Movie Theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area"

Kathleen Murphy Skolnik, "Preserving Chicago's Art Deco Past - Successes, Failures and Current Threats"

Lea Nickless, "Repository and Nexus: Art Deco at the Wolfsonian-FIU"

Thomas Mooney and Deborah Tackett, "Resiliency Strategies for the Miami Beach Art Deco District"

Pascal Yves Laurent, "The 17th World Congress on Art Deco in Paris, 2025"


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